EEOC does alot for Telework!

EEOC does alot for Telework:

– Our VPN provides 24/7 remote access to EEOC network

– Every EEOC employee and contractor has a Government provided laptop at their desk that can be disconnected from the docking station and dual monitors to take home for telework

– COOP personnel have a “stay at home” laptop configured for remote access

– EEOC has video teleconferencing facilities at every one of its 54 locations.

-EEOC has cloud based web conferencing services available 24/7.

-EEOC routinely delivers instructor led webinars and other distance learning over the internet for its workforce of roughly 2,500 people

– Roughly 20% of EEOC’s workforce have handheld Blackberries that support voice, data and video

I’m interested in hearing of any other technologies that facilitate telework…..

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