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EPP 10 – TEAM Q – Team Building (Realtionship) Phase

Team Q’s Team Building (Realtionship) Phase

1. Introduction & dating phase = BONDED!!

2. Wedding Planning & Honeymoon phase = Gold Star. The men in the team were very cooperative and agreed with the color selection of the PowerPoint slide designs.

3. Marriage & House Settlement – TUNE in and follow us thru Twitter on Team Q’s quest to successfully merge the marriage and set up home and decor.

Update; after 10 minutes of typing the above, it seemed like the men were trying to take over!!! WOMEN UNITE!!

After a brief “debate” we are not calling this a disagreement or argument but a “debate” of great minds. We are happy to report that trail separation is over.

Team Q is back on the wedding bliss path to the Charlotte Street Foundation journey.


Will Team Q marriage survive? Is there a “Baby Qutie” on the way???? Tune in……..

P.S. Bernie your idea was great!!!!

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