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EPP Team 8 Project Completed!

Team 8, phoenix8, wrapped up our team project today with the sponsor. We provided a lot of benchmarking information and some recommendations. Our sponsor was very appreciative of our efforts and a bit overwhelmed at the amount of information we gathered for him through benchmarking! Right after the meeting, the sponsor and his Special ProjectsRead… Read more »

EPP – Nearing the end and a new beginning

Wow.. this past year has been quite the roller-coaster ride full of great experiences. SES interviews, developmental assignments, a team project, and so much more. While I still have a couple of deliverables to finish up before the March 12th deadline, I will have everything done on time. I would like to be able toRead… Read more »

Team J – Perceptive Software Benchmarking experience

On November 17, 2009, Team J from the Executive Potential Program (EPP) of the Graduate School had the unique experience of visiting with Perceptive Software – rated as one of Kansas City’s Best Places to Work for five times making them one of only three Kansas City companies to receive the Kansas City Business JournalRead… Read more »

Team 8 – phoenix8 Week Wrap-up

What an amazing week we’ve all had. We started off the week by being grouped with different folks to do a Best Practices site visit and deliverable. Team members on phoenix8 went all over the Kansas City area to learn the best practices of some very successful businesses in the Kansas City area. Some ofRead… Read more »

EPP TEAM L – Fort Leavenworth Army College Visit

Team L of the Graduate School Executive Potential visited United States Army Combined Arms College at Ft. Leavenworth yesterday, Nov. 17. We were hosted by retired Major General Ralph Doughty who is the Chair of Interagency and Multinational Studies. We spent the day in briefing and demos that were geared toward giving us a betterRead… Read more »

Team G for Garmin – Day 3

Today, we brief out on our best practices site visit to Garmin. What did we learn? What will we take back to our workplace and try? Will our teams back home be receptive to the changes? The first two will be answered this afternoon during our out-brief. The last question will be answered over theRead… Read more »