Ernie Hadley takes on the proper role of Agency Defense Counsel in EEO Investigations (again)

It’s like a boxing match, but there’s no ring, there are no gloves, and there’s not a referee to keep things in order.

Check out Ernest Hadley’s latest article “Agency Defense Counsel & EEO, Or Here We Go Again,” published in FELTG”s latest newsletter, and written in response to a recent article by Jeff Rosenblum, published in the Winter 2012 edition of the Labor Law Journal and titled “The Role of Agency Counsel in Federal Sector EEO Investigations.”

Every day is exciting at FELTG, and today is no exception!

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David B. Grinberg

Also check out recent blog post:

Improving EEO in the Federal Workplace; What’s Your Priority?

“Public Comments Requested by EEOC…Any individual with a stake in the federal sector EEO process can provide comments for system-wide improvements. Interested parties may offer specific policy recommendations on administrative and legal procedures, as well as related enforcement and appellate issues. EEOC is encouraging “input from individuals, advocacy groups, agency stakeholders, employers, and other interested parties. Suggestions may be sent via email to [email protected] and must be submitted” by close of business on MONDAY, JAN. 28 — EXTENDED DEADLINE.

Also, LISTEN to EEOC INTERVIEW on Federal News Radio this morning with Dexter Brooks, Director, Office of Federal Sector Programs (click “interview” then scroll down on page). Mr. Brooks discusses the public comment period for federal sector priorities, as well as the EEOC Strategic Enforcement Plan and related issues under the Federal Sector Complement Plan (FCP).