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Ernie Hadley takes on the proper role of Agency Defense Counsel in EEO Investigations (again)

It’s like a boxing match, but there’s no ring, there are no gloves, and there’s not a referee to keep things in order. Check out Ernest Hadley’s latest article “Agency Defense Counsel & EEO, Or Here We Go Again,” published in FELTG”s latest newsletter, and written in response to a recent article by Jeff Rosenblum,Read… Read more »

EEOC and Transgender Discrimination

Big news from EEOC regarding Transgender Discrimination claims. If you haven’t heard about it, check out Ernest Hadley’s FELTG newsletter article EEOC: Transgender Discrimination Violates Title VII. How do you think this decision will impact your agency?

Hostile Work Environment or Tangible Employment Action?

In the most recent edition of the FELTG newsletter, William Wiley and Ernest Hadley provide a scintillating exchange of articles surrounding a recent EEOC decision regarding a retroactive promotion – Hadley v. Secretary of Health and Human Services, NIH, EEOC Appeal No. 0120113029 (December 6, 2011).[Note: the Hadleys are not related.] This issue centers aroundRead… Read more »

Proposed Discipline Letters: Is Less More?

Recently Bill Wiley wrote an article for the Federal Employment Law Training Group (FELTG, LLC) newsletter titled It’s All About Size. This article was in direct response to a question from a reader regarding the amount of detail necessary in a proposed discipline letter. Apparently, in this reader’s office, there were two distinct opinions: TeamRead… Read more »