Excellent Analytics Tips #19: Identify Website Goal Values & Win!

Web Analytics rock star Avinash Kaushik writes:

Regular readers of this blog will recognize that I suffer from OOD. Outcomes Obsession Disorder. I am seeing a therapist for it.

The way OOD manifests itself is that in every website and web business I work with I am obnoxiously persistent in helping identify the desired outcomes of the site / business before I ever log into their web analytics data.

The other way OOD manifests itself is that I am in your face, on this blog, constantly asking you to create goals in your web analytics tool (macro and micro conversions) as well as identify goal values for each of those beloved goals.

Without goals and goal values you are not doing web analytics, you are doing web iamwastingyourlifeandminelytics. Sorry, OOD.

After following a structured process to create a Web Analytics Measurement Model most companies find that they are able to identify the goals for their web business.

What they find exceedingly hard to do is identify the economic value added to the business when those goals (micro-conversions) are met.

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