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Budget cuts may end transparency programs

The spending proposal passed in the House last month and considered in the Senate this month would effectively wipe out funding for e-government initiatives, such as and Full story… So, how to all of us who worked on the Transparency Initiative feel about this? Same ole, same ole?

Building a Culture of Measurement

John Lovett writes: “…most organizations are not adequately equipped to leverage the measurement technologies at their disposal for conducting data analysis and using data to drive change within their organizations. Most often, individuals struggle to deliver insights using flawed processes or via short-sighted strategies. Data remains locked within departmental silos and never gains the chanceRead… Read more »

Repeated Use of E-Gov Web Sites: A Satisfaction and Confidentiality Perspective

International Journal of Electronic Government Research: The results suggest that a user’s intention to continue using government Web sites is related to the user’s satisfaction, perceived performance of the Web site and the requirement for confidential information. This research also confirms that gender difference does moderate the relationship between users’ satisfaction levels and repeated useRead… Read more »

The Dirty Dozen–Don’t Do Analytics…

1) If you haven’t set good goals and objectives first. (If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there). … So there you have the 12 worst reasons I can think of to start doing analytics. Anyone else got a worse reason?

Why does the public service have such a massive aversion to measurement?

Web Analytics Rock Star Avinash Kaushik answers this question: There is no tradition of accountability in almost every country when it comes to public service (there are some exceptions like Singapore). No accountability = very little desire to measure. There has to be fundamental massive change to a bureaucratic, siloed, politicized institution populated by non-relevantRead… Read more »

Top 6 Skills of a Great Web Analyst

Garry Przyklenk writes: “What is one of the biggest problems in online marketing? Bryan Eisenberg puts it best: it’s our critically high demand for skilled people. Why? One of the root causes is the supply and demand of data. As data becomes an exceedingly cheap commodity to online marketing professionals, the sheer supply of dataRead… Read more »

25 FAQs For The New Analytics Leader

Kevin Hillstrom writes: A new generation of analytics leaders are about to be crowned. What do they have to look forward to? Let’s find out. Question #1: Will management listen to me? The reality is that some people will listen to you. Your analytics projects are important, and what you learn is important. People willRead… Read more »

Excellent Analytics Tips #19: Identify Website Goal Values & Win!

Web Analytics rock star Avinash Kaushik writes: Regular readers of this blog will recognize that I suffer from OOD. Outcomes Obsession Disorder. I am seeing a therapist for it. The way OOD manifests itself is that in every website and web business I work with I am obnoxiously persistent in helping identify the desired outcomesRead… Read more »

The Web Analyst’s Code of Ethics

Purpose The following Code of Ethics represents an industry effort to treat consumer data with the respect and attention it deserves. It is a commitment to data stewardship and an effort to educate organizations and Internet users globally of digital data collection and utilization practices. Read the Code of Ethics.