Exploring How to Manage Up

Yesterday I attended and spoke at GovLoop and YGL’s half day training session for the next generation of government employees, NextGen+. I want to share with you some nuggets from Pat Fiorenza’s presentation on leadership and managing up, which has been a hot topic on GovLoop.

What does it mean to be a public sector leader? (It’s not as simple as just being the manager)

– Have a vision for your agency and commit to it

– Empower those around you to act to make your vision a reality

– Collaborate with others to improve your agency

I like where Pat ended his presentation. He ended by challenging us to think about why we do what we do. What drives us to the public service? How does it reward or fulfill us? Reminding ourselves of our underlying motivation can keep us on track with our vision for our agency and help us accomplish what we joined the public sector to do.

What’s your vision for your agency? What are your long term personal goals?

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