Exploring the Potential for Government to Citizen IT Solutions

INPUT Analyst Derek Johnson reports.

Earlier this month, New York City rolled out its first digital road map – a strategic plan that aims to “establish [New York City] as the world’s top-ranked Digital City, based on indices of Internet access, Open Government, citizen engagement, and digital industry growth.” As one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet, the Big Apple often serves as a trailblazer for the types of digital solutions other cities and towns may seek in the future. The report, conducted by NYC Digital, details the current state of New York City’s digital infrastructure; collects input from thousands of residents, business owners and city employees; and uses that feedback to map out short-term and long-term improvements in government service through the World Wide Web. Through this process, the city hopes to improve Internet access as well as further citizen engagement and open government initiatives.

As part of its outreach effort, NYC Digital conducted surveys with the public in order to gauge interest levels for various technological services provided by the city. Requests for more public Wi-Fi, real-time public transportation information, updates to the city website, 311 mobile applications and streamlined social media were among the most popular. Nearly one-third of New York’s digital outreach (30%) is done through social media. While digital newsletters account for a little more than half of this figure, Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly prevalent vehicles for citizen engagement.

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