FAA Web 2.0 Strategy

Last week I released the final draft for internal agency management review through an extranet based wiki. Soon I intend to open it to other agencies and private industry comments to comply with the administration’s directive on transparent and collaborative government.

I would like this to be a collaborative effort. No anonymous comments are allowed. If anyone is interested in participating, please send me a message ([email protected]) and indicate your agency or private organization affiliation.

When I open the site for comments in a few weeks, each of the volunteers will receive an email invitation with a link to the wiki, enabling them to edit or comment on the strategy.

Thank you in advance! I hope the outcome will make the document valuable not only to the FAA, but to other interested agencies.

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Giora Hadar

I’m not ready to distribute copies of the draft. I would rather people participate in the review and edits on-line. Everyone then knows which is the latest update of the document.