Faith and me: Or: My Dog, Social Media Educator

Faith (dog) and I were on our morning constitutional today, and as usual, we ran into friends.

One friend, Cathy, who is currently job hunting in the grants field, was unfamiliar with using LinkedIn and Facebook, so I gave a mini-lesson. Faith wagged her tail.

Then, I picked up my iced coffee, and congratulated Kim, our fantastic barista, on their FourSquare sticker. She actually didn’t know what FourSquare was for, though she has an iPhone, and they are actually offering a deal through FourSquare. (Dames: Best coffee in Hoboken! A dollar off–don’t miss it.) I explained, and Kim said as soon as she was free, she was downloading the app.

Faith wagged her tail some more.

I realized that by the time I got to work, I had turned two people on to three social media tools. My dog is a pretty great evangelist.

So–what are some of the more amusing/unusual places you’ve turned people on to tools, social media or otherwise?

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