Fast Tracking to Leadership? How to become the next Govie! One story…

Are you considering a career in the Federal Government but you want to enter the Federal space in the correct way? That is what I was thinking about 18 months ago. I was happy in my job as a coordinator in international development but I really wanted to get into the Federal system. My story started with a rotational program. What is a rotational program? Instead of learning just one job, I moved every three months for a year! It was intense and I was taking evening classes towards a Master’s at Georgetown University but I pushed through. I wanted to fast track my experience in Human Resources so I joined the National Institutes of Health as part of a Master’s Human Resource Development Rotational Program. They are taking applications right now! You want to rotate because you can find a manager that you really want to work for, a job you really love, and build a network that will last a lifetime! Apply to the program I graduated from if you want to accept the challenge! Brochure%20-%202013%20NIH%20OHR%20Rotational%20HR%20Internship2.pdf

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