Federal Coach: Tips to Help You Stop Stressing Out

As a father of three children, including my three-month old son Charlie, I’m a big fan of the new NBC show Up All Night that deals with working parents struggling to balance family and careers.

Focused on the holidays, the most recent episode played off the stress of the season to great comedic effect. Amid the laughs, however, I realized that the stress of the season only adds to federal employees’ (and their leaders’) ongoing pressures stemming from the budget cuts, pay freezes and other potential setbacks on the horizon.

No doubt these events can take a toll. As a federal leader, you set the tone for your team. If you’re stressed, your employees will feel the pressure. Ultimately, that will have a negative effect on the folks at work and probably even at home.

Managing workplace stress requires focusing on the issues that you can control. Here are a few ideas I’ve picked up from colleagues and executive coaches over the years that may offer some benefit during these crazy times.

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