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Federal Coach: Sharing Best Practices Across An Agency

Oftentimes federal workgroups innovate and/or develop best practices, but we do not share across systems. How do high-performing government agencies or private sector companies spread best practices to ensure integration? – Supervisor (GS-15), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Anyone who’s worked in a large organization can tell you how it is difficult to spread bestRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: Holiday Book List for Federal Leaders

With the holidays rapidly approaching, are you looking for a last-minute gift for the federal leader in your life? To help make your shopping easier, here are my favorite five leadership books from 2011. Each book is an easy read and includes actionable ideas for federal leaders looking to navigate the ambiguity and challenges thatRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: How Government Leaders Can Take More Risks

Senior government leaders appear hesitant to make decisions or convert risks into opportunity even when presented with data that justifies a certain decision. Why?– Supervisor (GS-14), U.S. Food and Drug Administration Decision-making is difficult in any organization given incomplete information, competing stakeholder demands and tight timeframes bearing down on leaders who are responsible for makingRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: Using Data to Make Better Decisions in Your Agency

“Moneyball” is a highly entertaining movie that showed how Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane used data to improve his baseball team’s performance. It turned out, for example, that on-base percentages were more important than batting averages as an indicator of a hitter’s effectiveness because a walk can also get a player on base. GovernmentRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: With Ken Salazar, Peering into the Department of the Interior

Ken Salazar is the 50th secretary of the Department of the Interior. Previously, he served as a U.S. senator from Colorado, Colorado’s state attorney general and the executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Salazar has also been a farmer and a small businessman. This interview was conducted by Tom Fox, author ofRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: What It’s Like to Run the TSA

John S. Pistole, administrator of the Transportation Security Administration since July 2010, oversees the management of a workforce of 60,000; security operations at more than 450 U.S. airports; the Federal Air Marshal Service; and the security of highways, railroads, ports, mass transit systems and pipelines. As a national security and counterterrorism expert during his 26-yearRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: Getting Federal Employees and Managers on the Same Page

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), listed No. 1 in this year’s Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings, had been rated 25th out of 30 large agencies six years ago. After initiating a set of management reforms geared toward improving employee culture and morale, the FDIC has seen their scores skyrocket –Read… Read more »

Federal Coach: Improving Your Agency’s Best Places to Work in the Federal Government Ranking

I’m a big believer in the old adage, “Everything that needs to be done to improve government is being done somewhere, just not everywhere.” The key, of course, is sharing those lessons across agencies to improve performance government-wide. Here’s a case in point. A few agencies have seen considerable improvements in the just released 2011Read… Read more »