Federal Eye: Best Places to Work: HQ vs. Regional Offices

It’s certainly true of journalists and in all types of other professions, but this week’s Best Places to Work data definitely confirms that some federal employees much prefer toiling in the field rather than working at headquarters.
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Take EPA for example: two of its regional offices, in San Francisco and Philadelphia, rank among the top ten government “agency subcomponents,” or the various divisions and regional offices of a larger agency.

EPA is one of only a few large government agencies that separately report results from its regional offices and at least some subcomponents. NASA reports regional offices, while Veterans Affairs, Commerce and USDA are among those that break out various divisions or bureaus.

At EPA, there’s a noticeable difference in the moods out in the field and back at headquarters. For example, consider EPA’s Region 3 headquarters in Philadelphia with D.C.-based employees in the Office of the Administrator or Office of Research and Development.

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