Federal Eye: Eye Opener: A supporting acting nod to TSA

Happy Tuesday! The Transportation Security Administration is back in the spotlight again, playing a
prominent role in the new movie, “She’s

Out of My League.”

The comedy debuted over the weekend and stars Jay Baruchel, who plays Kirk, a TSA security agent at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Kirk wins the affection of “the perfect woman” when she accidentally
leaves her cellphone behind at airport security. (“Hilarity ensues,” as a
sympathetic movie reviewer might say…)

“League” producers used the TSA’s likeness without formal permission from the agency, according to a spokeswoman. But that’s nothing new, since television shows and movies use the likeness of government workers
all the time.

Despite the “League” snub, TSA workers volunteered their time to appear in several airport scenes in George Clooney‘s “Up in the Air,” the
agency said. And does anyone remember last year’s short-lived ABC
reality show, “Homeland
Security USA
“? (Anyone?)

Other agencies show up on screen all the time: There’s the CBS drama “NCIS,” a forthcoming Fox comedy about the Internal Revenue Service and one of TV’s finest dramas, “The West

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