Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Nov. 18, 2008

Good morning! Alan Parson’s “Eye in The Sky” kicks us off today. Perhaps appropriate today since President Bush will announce his plans to ease holiday air traffic congestion during a speech at the Transportation Department. Leave your Eye-themed humor or pop culture suggestions in the comments section below.

In other news…

Burrowing: “Just weeks before leaving office, the Interior Department’s top lawyer has shifted half a dozen key deputies — including two former political appointees who have been involved in controversial environmental decisions — into senior civil service posts,” reports The Post’s Carol Leonnig and Juliet Eilperin. “Burrowing” has also reportedly happened at the Labor Department and Housing and Urban Development. “The personnel moves come as Bush administration officials are scrambling to cement in place policy and regulatory initiatives that touch on issues such as federal drinking-water standards, air quality at national parks, mountaintop mining and fisheries limits.” But this trend is not exclusive to the Bush administration: “In its last 12 months, the Clinton administration approved 47 such moves, including seven at the senior executive level.”

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I just love the word burrowing. I’ve seen both sides and sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems. Sometimes it is actually a really good political appointee who wants to continue to serve his/her country and we are lucky to have them. Other times not that case.