Federal Eye: Eye Opener: The government wants to hand out more prizes

Happy Tuesday! Private companies and philanthropic foundations use contests and prizes all the time to solicit new business ideas or
product ideas, and now the government wants in on the action. The Obama
administration on Monday released new guidance on how federal agencies can use contests and prizes to encourage more participation from federal workers and outside groups.

In the past year, the Obama administration solicited cost-saving and energy-saving tips from federal workers, NASA already operates the Centennial Challenge to reward some of the best aerospace research, the Energy Department established the L Prize to solicit ideas on how to build a more efficient light bulb and the State Department started a video contest to promote democracy around the world.

The administration wants to see more of that and plans to build a web-based tool for agencies to use in the next two months. The guidance
published Monday provides officials with tips on what types of prizes
and incentives to use.

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