Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Threats against IRS workers continue

Happy Wednesday! Threats against Internal Revenue Service workers and facilities continue to pour in following last month’s plane crash at agency offices in Austin.

IRS watchdogs are investigating more than 70 reported instances of inappropriate comments made to agency workers by taxpayers, union
officials said earlier this week.

Despite earlier reports suggesting it was 70 actual threats, National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen M. Kelley clarified on Wednesday that workers have received a mix of
inappropriate comments — including jokes or statements of support for
pilot A. Joseph Stack III — and more serious threats. Kelley said she learned of the threats from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which tracks threats against IRS workers.

Neither TIGTA nor the IRS would confirm an actual number of threats or share details of ongoing investigations.

“TIGTA is actively and aggressively investigating all threats made against IRS employees, infrastructure and property,” said J. Russell George, the treasury inspector general for tax administration.

IRS workers are instructed to report threats made against them to TIGTA immediately. The watchdog has established a toll-free hotline,
e-mail address and internal messaging system for workers to quickly
report potential threats.

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