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Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Will new tool cut federal hiring time?

Happy Friday! The Federal Eye gets mail and hears from plenty of readers. One of the most commonly heard complaints is that the federal
job application process is too long and confusing.

But a new set of government databases promises to help federal agencies cut three weeks from the hiring process, potentially making it
faster and easier for people to get hired by the government.

The Office of Personnel Management — essentially the federal government’s human resources shop — has
launched “shared registers,” or central databases designed to help
federal agencies find applicants for the 14-most commonly hired
positions, including financial management, information technology, human
resources, office support and security.

Twelve of the databases were operational as of Wednesday, OPM said in a
memo to agency heads
. OPM Director John Berry
urged agencies to make use of the databases right away.

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Amanda Blount

I would like to know more details about the central databases before I can make a comment on if it will work or not. Are the central databases shared across agencies, states, offices, etc? How does one make sure they are in one of these central databases ? Is the process of actually applying the same or has the actual application process changed also?