Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Your Government is Twittering

Happy Thursday! The folks at NextGov.com have put together a great list (or what they call “The Feed”) of the Twitter feeds of government agencies.

The page is broken down into several categories, including business and finance, defense and diplomacy, law enforcement, government at work and the White House.

Recent activity includes a warning from National Terror Alert Response Center that reports the U.S. embassy in Sudan reports of terror threats. The Food Safety Information Center notes that learning about food safety might be easier through a musical parody. A press release twittered by the U.S. Army’s Twitter account reports that a new emphasis on safety has reduced accidental deaths in recent years.

Though many government twitter feeds merely pass on links to press releases or new web features, this page is a definite bookmark for anyone interested in tracking government affairs in real time. Kudos to NextGov to devoting the resources to such a list, which is sure to grow as more and more agencies and employees embrace the technology.

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