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Federal Eye: Feds urged to telework during nuclear summit

Officials are urging nonessential federal workers who work in downtown Washington to take leave, telework or work at an alternate site
in the suburbs Monday and Tuesday when President Obama’s big nuclear
safety summit is expected
to tie up downtown traffic

Federal agencies will open and operate as normal on Monday, but the Office of Personnel Management is encouraging federal bosses to grant flexibility and time off if workers
feel they won’t be able to make it into work in a timely manner.

“Employees who must report to work sites in downtown Washington, D.C., will likely need to allow extra time for travel to and from work
whether by private vehicle or public transportation,” OPM Director John
said in a
memo to federal human resources officials
on Thursday night.

Berry also urged workers to carpool and use public transportation if they don’t normally take the bus or subway.

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