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Federal Eye: Hundreds of stimulus recipients haven’t reported on money’s whereabouts

An anti-hunger nonprofit based in the District, Queen Anne’s County in Maryland and a Virginia dredging company are among 389 recipients of
federal stimulus dollars that have failed to report on the whereabouts
of more than $55 million in economic stimulus funding, federal
watchdogs said Thursday.

The total amounts to less than 2 percent of all stimulus recipients and a mere fraction of the roughly $200 billion so far awarded by the
recovery program, but the federal Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board has committed to tracking down every last taxpayer dollar spent on the program.

“The two-time losers — those who failed to file reports in the last quarter of 2009 and the earlier reporting period — should really be
embarrassed,” Recovery Board Board Chairman Earl Devaney said in a statement. “They took millions of dollars and then thumbed their noses at taxpayers.”

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