Federal Eye: ‘Liberal Leave’ for D.C.-Area Federal Offices

Washington, D.C.-area federal offices will operate today under “liberal leave” or “unscheduled leave” and delayed arrival status, meaning employees who cannot make it to work can request off, or should otherwise arrive to work no more than two hours later than normal, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

The decision comes as school districts across the region have closed or delayed their openings due to the largest anticipated snowstorm of the season.

In the event of inclement conditions, the OPM director consults with local, state and federal agencies such as the National Weather Service before determining how weather conditions could impact commutes and transportation options.

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Denise Hill

Ed, You are up and working early. Shortly after pulling out of my garage, my car got caught in a gust of wind. The swerve was my notice to go back into the house. I am partially watching my tire tracks being covered over. I may try it again in an hour if I hear the wind calm down. Of course OPM knows that it is not the streets of D. C. that is the problem, it’s the getting there.