Federal Eye: Obama to answer questions on YouTube

Do you ever find yourself yelling at the television during a State of the Union address? Now there’s a slight chance you can vent your frustrations directly to President Obama and get a response.

White House New Media Director Macon Phillips invited Americans via the White House blog to submit follow up questions about the president’s big speech to YouTube.com/CitizenTube. Phillips promised that Obama will answer some of the questions during an event next week. The CitizenTube blog said Obama will answer the questions “in a YouTube interview from the White House.”

CitizenTube is a channel on the video sharing Web site that collects and displays the best and most popular video offerings related to political news and opinion. The channel launched during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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Michael McCarthy, APR

Very cool idea – allows the President to make his state of the Union stretch over more than one night, plus it gives people an outlet to respond back. It also adds a new commentator to the event. Instead of just the opposition party and reporters giving their impression, you have citizens voicing their feedback.

I wonder how many people will video themselves sitting in their chair talking to the t.v. . . . .