Federal Eye: Obama to federal managers: Get to work

Bosses in the private sector may send memos to middle managers on a regular basis, but President Obama on Tuesday will take the rare step of
reaching out directly to almost 8,000 career government managers.

The president will tell members of the Senior Executive Service that his administration will use a new Web site to track how quickly
federal agencies are implementing a series of budgetary and management
reforms, according to a draft version of an e-mail memo acquired by The
Washington Post. (See it below.)

In the next two years Obama’s Accountable Government Initiative aims to cut wasteful government spending and no-bid contracts while
also implementing rigorous government transparency requirements,
information technology upgrades and a faster federal job application

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

I think it’s great that the President is addressing Senior Executives directly. I’m not sure why it too this long, but I think it’s a great model. Now, hopefuly executives will “pay it forward” and address their employees directly, addressing the importance of performance and results based on clear goals.