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Federal Eye: Report: Ex-Postal Service official violated policies

The former third-ranking official at the U.S. Postal Service
improperly used his office to conduct personal business, awarded
millions of dollars in noncompetitive contracts to former colleagues
and failed to disclose stock holdings in a company conducting business
negotiations with the mail agency, according to a new watchdog report.

Robert F. Bernstock stepped down in May as vice president of Mailing and Shipping Services after less than two
years on the job. A former executive at several top retail brands,
including Campbell’s Soup, Scott’s Miracle-Gro and Vlasic Foods,
Bernstock earned a $232,500 salary and managed the Postal Service’s
product management and development, retail operations and commercial
services and sales.

Bernstock also received an $85,000 hiring bonus when he joined the agency in June 2008 and an $85,000 retention bonus for fiscal 2009. He
was permitted to continue serving on five private and public company
boards, including Nutrisystem, Inc. and City Barbeque, a company he
co-owned and earned more than $270,000 in cash and other compensation
from the boards in 2008.

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