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Make In-Person Work Meaningful

“Time together really does matter – bringing the team together to work, even if it’s just for a few days, builds a social connection and is a real accelerator for their work.” – Brian Elliott, Executive Advisor and Co-Founder of Future Forum.

In our most recent “Management Minutes With Mika” session, Workplace Transformation Strategist Mika Cross invited Elliott to explain what agencies should pay attention to when it comes to creating meaningful in-person work.

Here are a few suggestions from Elliott:

  • Do a deeper dive into the habits and rhythms of your team to determine a good in-office cadence. Would it be more helpful to have a quarterly in-person planning meeting, or does a three-day-a-week schedule make more sense? Evaluating how your team works best can answer these types of questions.
  • Make sure you have and are using your digital tools to go beyond a video meeting. Many agency leaders think Teams or Slack is only for employees and not for them, and only use email or video to communicate, which doesn’t alleviate communication burnout.
  • Make sure your flexible work schedule is helping to meet your mission and aligning in a way that supports your clients and constituents.

Watch the full three-minute video now:

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