Federal Eye: Singing Bureaucrats

If you hear some big band sounds coming from a conference room at EPA headquarters today, do not be alarmed.

It’s just the EPA Band, holding their regularly scheduled Friday lunchtime rehearsal.

The group of of 15 to 20 employees has played together for at least 10 years, according to EPA spokesman Brendan Gilfillan, most recently at Wednesday’s EPA Earth Day party.

The band specializes in big band charts and performs at agency retirement parties, awards ceremonies and other events.

For those of you keeping score, there’s the EPA Band, the Labor Department’s Big Choir, the Department of Interior’s DOI Choir 38-year Interior veteran Belva Fletcher, who has performed the national anthem at two of Michelle Obama’s agency visits.

Do you know of any other musical federal employees, either solo acts, bands or choirs? E-mail federaleye (at) washingtonpost (dot) com and we’ll start keeping a list!

See a picture of the band and read the full post here >>>

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