Federal Eye: Tips on Presidential Appointments

As observers and presidential transition veterans can attest, Inauguration Day marks an important and highly visible transfer of power, but does not signal the end of a transition. Some of the most important aspects of the transfer of power happen after Jan. 20 as the new administration fills hundreds of critical assistant and deputy secretary slots, executive manager jobs and other mid-level government positions.

The Obama administration should prepare now to fill vacancies
that will inevitably arise in the years to come, according to a new report by the Center for American Progress. It suggests several practical steps the president, his appointees and Congress should take to make the federal government’s revolving door a little easier to tolerate. (The Center’s founder, president and CEO, John Podesta, is currently serving as head of the Obama transition. So, in a sense, author Anne Joseph O’Connell is providing advice to her own boss.)

The report unearths several fascinating statistics:

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