Federal Sales Leaders for High Tech/Disruptive Firms


I am in a hard spot. I hear all the times from CEOs of some of the greatest tech firms in the nation that they need high quality sales professionals with federal sales experience and everyone I know that has those skills is busy and very happy where they are at. I sure would appreciate it if you help spread the word on this. And I know those companies would and so will the person who lands the job I’m sure. You can make all of us very happy by getting this job description in the right hands!

Contact Bob Gourley at http://ctovision.com/contact-us/ and I’ll get you more specifics. But here is what we need:

Title: Federal Sales Executive

Company: Three different companies are hiring


– Learn the discrimnating features of some of the most exciting/disruptive IT in the nation

– Identify and engage with key enterprise customers within the federal government

– Help potential customers understand the value of this disruptive technology

– Develop and execute a strategy focused on closing business.

Experience Required:

– Your degree doesn’t matter.

– What matters is your proven past performance closing deals in the federal space. if you have done that I want to talk.

Contact me now at: http://ctovision.com/contact-us/

By the way, if you are looking for a position but this is not exactly what you are seeking, please look at the other positions we have open at our CTOvision Jobs Board

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