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OPM stops forecasting Retirement numbers

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Federal News Radio story


Lets see, we (the government) collect data and do surveys year after year on the personal hitting the retirement roles, and for the last several years, or even possibly as long as a decade, we don’t seem to be able to translate these numbers into predictions, or at least close to accurate predictions. So what do we do, we stop predicting. If we aren’t wrong sure won’t be anybody calling us on our mistakes.

MAYBE a bit of stretch but IMO would be the same as saying I make mistakes in my budgeting so I won’t budget any more.


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Henry Brown

INTERESTING Followup story which SORTA makes PERSONAL Commentary Mute…

By Jane Norris

An OPM spokesman tells Federal News Radio in an email, “We are still going to run retirement numbers, both actual and what may happen in the future. We can’t say if what will happen in the future actually will . . . there are a lot of variables at play.”