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New Group on Net Neutrality

If you are interested in the topic of Net Neutrality I have created a new group that you are invited to join.

I am not an expert on the subject but have been on the internet since 1981 as a bulletin board user, sysop, uucp connected unix user, early adopter and built a 35,000 subscriber ISDN / dial-up ISP in the 90’s.

I care about the Internet like John Muir cared about the National Forests. I think the internet is place that should be open and free. It should be cared for and protected and not commercialized. As a natural resource for our United States and the rest of the World it stands as a monument to technology and a foundation to democracy which above all relies on a free press. As the conversion to digital information continues we must develop new understandings on how to manage and maintain that information. The place that information resides should operate in the public trust and should be free and open.

Please join in the discussion on Net Neutrality.

I participate in a couple of lists on the topic that you may want to join as well.

NNSquad Net Neutrality Squad

PFIR People for Internet Responsibility

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