Feds Stay Informed Using ALL Media

I attended one of my favorite annual events this week—the Annual Federal Media and Marketing Study presentation. The research, done by Market Connections, Inc. with TMP Government, surveys government and military mid to senior level professionals to learn how they are using media in their work. Subscribers to the study can slice and dice the information multiple ways, but at the event we get a sneak peak at overall results. The full overview will be posted to the CEILeadership.org home page when it is available, but here are some tidbits:

  • Social media use is way up this year, with Facebook (used by 54%) and You Tube (34%) leading by a wide margin. 45% of the respondents say they can (and do) visit Facebook at work for both personal and business use—up 20% since last year. Not surprising the youngest (under 35) use it the most, but 40% of the over- 55’s are logging in too.
  • Magazines aren’t dead. 40% of the respondents prefer to read their trade publications in print; 29% use both print and the magazine’s online site.
  • In-person events are still important
    • 52% of the respondents plan to attend 1 to 3 events in the coming year (2011)
    • 10% plan to attend 4 or more.
  • Mobile is important. 50% of the respondents use a mobile device for email and 30% are accessing websites. Which device: Blackberry, iPhone and Android in that order.

The research also showed that a wide variety of levels and titles are involved in identifying and purchasing products and services. The online survey was sent to 120,000 and 3000 completed the questionnaire.

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