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#FedTweets network going strong…

Yesterday, I created the first #FedTweets network and shared the relatively sparse initial set of connections. Today, Justin Herman, Scott Horvath, Tammie Marcoullier, and Stacey Palosky presented their insights on how they use Twitter in their agencies. The presenters encouraged the participants to heavily use the #FedTweets hashtag to keep the conversation going beyond the one hour live encounter.

Here is the result:

FedTweets_PartII by inesmergel
FedTweets_PartII, a photo by inesmergel on Flickr.

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Dorothy Ramienski Amatucci

That graphic is excellent! What program did you use to generate the relationships, if I may ask? Additionally, I will be on the lookout for the #FedTweets tag and will employ when appropriate!

Ines Mergel

Thanks for your comment, Dorothy. I use a social network analysis tool called NodeXL. It helps to import the tweets by hashtag and then creates the network based on RTs and @-connections.