FEI’s upcoming Open Enrollment Programs

Below is information on a selection of FEI’s upcoming open enrollment programs. For more information and to see the complete listing of classes, visit www.leadership.opm.gov

Building High Performing Organizations in the 21st Century

This advanced program offering is based on three key assumptions:
-You are an expert in your organization based on your years of experience
-You want to lead your organization into a culture of high performance
-You are better able to bring about change when you have a foundation of organizational theory

This program will help you look inside your agency and ask, “How can I move it toward high performance?” You will link your expert knowledge about your surroundings with the best organizational theory to transform your agency into one that delivers high-quality products and services, outstanding customer value, and sound financial performance. Through varied presentations and an intensive small-group format, you will get the most out of your interactions with both your colleagues and the seminar leader. Faculty will also be available to provide individualized feedback outside of class.
Date: August 3-6, 2009
Location: FEI, Charlottesville, VA

Planning and Organizational Strategy for Public Sector Employees

Is your agency’s strategic planning process effective? Does it have broad support? Or provide sufficient and relevant resources for progress? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, this program is for you. FEI’s Planning and Organizational Strategy for Public Sector Leaders program will help you reengineer your organization’s strategic plan and move it from the bookshelf to the desktop. You will learn how to build a platform for strategic change so that your organization will continue achieving its vision over the long term. The program is a lively mix of practical case studies, lectures focused on the newest ideas, short videos, and abundant class discussion.
Dates: September 10-11, 2009
Location: FEI, Washington, DC

Power Thinking for Leaders

A recent study identified substantial differences among outstanding leaders, but noted that they all possess enhanced thinking ability, which allowed them to reach sound decisions and solve complex problems quickly and effectively. Power Thinking for Leaders will help you develop these advantageous skills and habits. You will sharpen your mind so you can react positively to innovation, respond quickly to challenges, and design and implement new initiatives.
This program has helped hundreds of executives from organizations ranging from the Federal Reserve to the Army War College, and from Merrill Lynch to IBM. It begins with the Yale Assessment of Thinking, an instrument administered to over 50,000 professionals, that provides confidential information on thinking effectiveness. You will learn to interpret the results and understand what they mean for you, then focus on the three dimensions of thinking: reasoning, insight, and self-knowledge. Although each component of the discussion begins with you, it is also linked to improved organizational performance.
Date: September 24-25, 2009
Location: FEI, Charlottesville, VA

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