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FEI’s upcoming Open Enrollment Programs

Below is information on a selection of FEI’s upcoming open enrollment programs. For more information and to see the complete listing of classes, visit Building High Performing Organizations in the 21st Century This advanced program offering is based on three key assumptions: -You are an expert in your organization based on your years ofRead… Read more »

SES Horizons: The Constitution and Contemporary Public Sector Leadership

This seminar provides an unrivaled opportunity to step back from day-to-day demands, to explore and better understand the unique, demanding, and ultimately rewarding milieu in which SES members operate and seek to excel. Splitting time between FEI’s Charlottesville campus and Montpelier, the home of President James Madison, father of the Constitution, seminar participants will heightenRead… Read more »

Leadership for a Global Society

As a Federal leader, you must address the international implications of nearly every major issue you face. Whether you’re working on trade or transportation, law enforcement or land management, education or the exploration of space, global considerations influence the decisions you make. In the Leadership for a Global Society program, you will assess the roleRead… Read more »

SES Leadership Horizons Program “Lost” For Leaders: Leadership in Chaos and Crisis

In times of chaos and crisis, even the best leaders can falter and fail. Leadership success and survival in perilous and tumultuous circumstances improve dramatically when we have considered in advance our reactions to stress, planned to handle those responses with resilience, envisioned effective team leadership, and practiced decision making under pressure. Few leadership cohortsRead… Read more »

SES Leadership Horizons: The Executive Zenith

Executive excellence results from the ability to create a resourceful and positive state of mind while wrestling with the myriad of leadership challenges that entangle members of the Senior Executive Service. Achieving leadership performance at the highest level possible –the zenith of one’s ability – is even more pressing and demanding as public servants striveRead… Read more »