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Public interest in Congressional activity surged in recent years. Confusion, misinformation, and outright lies abound. But we can get accurate information without extensive web searches. All official Congressional activity is available on one website.

Have you ever wanted to read the text of a bill for yourself, while Congress debates it? Do you want to know which committees consider nominees for particular cabinet positions? Or the status of the federal budget? It’s much easier to find that information than you might think.

Thomas.gov. It’s easy to remember. And it’s your link to all Congressional activity.

Most Americans have no idea how Congress works, who their representatives are, how laws are made, or what committees do. That’s because our schools do an excellent job of producing politically ignorant citizens. They spend far too much time on historical minutiae instead of teaching our children how their government works. And those clueless children become clueless adults.

Members of Congress introduce thousands of bills every year. Those bills absorb tens of thousands of person-hours in meetings, hearings, briefings, debates, and reports. Only about five percent ever become laws.

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