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Nonprofit Organizations: Myths and Facts

“Nonprofit” Does Not Mean “No Money” Recent news reports claimed that the IRS targeted extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit tax exemptions. It was much ado about nothing. But it’s time to clarify nonprofits’ legal status and their social roles in our culture. The Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of nonprofit organizations was aRead… Read more »

Find Out What Congress Is Doing

Free. Easy. All Online. Public interest in Congressional activity surged in recent years. Confusion, misinformation, and outright lies abound. But we can get accurate information without extensive web searches. All official Congressional activity is available on one website. Have you ever wanted to read the text of a bill for yourself, while Congress debates it?Read… Read more »

Petitioning the Government Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Read this before you sign another petition. What makes a proper petition? And are they useful? We Americans love our petitions, but too many don’t understand how they work. A well-written petition, directed to the appropriate target, can be an important tool to create change, but it can’t stand alone. Our Constitution’s First Amendment guaranteesRead… Read more »

What’s a Filibuster?

There is no such thing as a “filibuster-proof majority” In his State of the Union address to Congress last week, President Barack Obama asked the U.S. Senate to amend or abolish its filibuster rules to break the Congressional gridlock. Don’t hold your breath. Neither party wants to change those rules because they always benefit theRead… Read more »

What’s a SuperCommittee and Why Should I Care?

The SuperCommittee’s task is to create a plan to reduce the deficit by Nov. 23. Without SERIOUS public pressure, we’ll get more tax cuts for millionaires, higher taxes on real people, and cuts in services that we all depend on. We need to make some noise. Read More …