First GovGirl episode is up!

My first episode on the new blog is here. Take a tour of what’s hot in online government, be prepared for cheese, and let me know what you’d like me to cover next time! I need questions for the “Ask GovGirl” segment too :-)

These videos have a long way to go, and they can only get better from here. Stay tuned to future episodes for great special guest stars. Thanks for watching and hope to see you back here soon!

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Kristy Dalton

Good point; feels long to me too. Maybe I’ll change up the format and have each video be a 1-3 minute long segment on just one topic. Then, I could have a library of topics on the site. I’d like to be able to dive deeper into how-to’s and discussions.

I don’t like the fades in between segments, but I don’t have a teleprompter and couldn’t do the whole thing off the top of my head 🙂 Maybe less scripted-sounding would be better anyway.

Adriel Hampton

Great to have a gov20-ish video segment! Way to fill a need, Kristy (and without the limiting 2.0 nomenclature).

You know Alan is the one who calls it gov-twenty-LA, right? Not sure where it comes from, either 🙂

Didn’t know that Dustin was on the front of GovTech, that’s so cool.

Just can’t get myself to use QR codes much. But if you put a little QR code on utility online and print bills that let you pay through an online banking partnership, that would be really cool.

Nice video!

Ari Herzog

I don’t understand the purpose of this video. Is it for you or for me? Either is fine.

I agree it’s way too long; I tuned out once you started talking about QR codes; I didn’t grasp what it had to do with gov20la.

Kristy Dalton

Ari, the video is done in news anchor style – jumps around from segment to segment. Although, I’m going to switch it up for future segments to make it shorter.

See a background post for more on the purpose of these videos.

Elliot Volkman

This is pretty cool, and a nice way to digest the recent news. Just a few suggestions though: The audio is echoing a bit, so perhaps a hand held mic or lavalier (pretty cheap). And, you could have easily snuck in a hidden message for the QR code you showed, rather than the City of Reno’s website. Either way great stuff.