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Five Twitter Best Practices (Infographic) and “Twitter Political Hall of Fame (Shame?)”

Do you experience “Twitter mania” or have withdrawal symptoms when you’re not tweeting?

So many social media users appear to be as addicted to Twitter as to their daily dose of java. However, do you know Twitter best practices? Have any of your followers “flown the coop”?

  • What are your best practices on Twitter and why?
  • What’s worked well, and not so well, for you?
  • What has Twitter taught you about social media management (lessons learned)?

Please share your Twitter tips for maximizing engagement and minimizing risk to yourself, your organization or brand. In addition to the infographic below, also check out the The Political Twitter Hall of Fame (Shame?) from ABC News.


* All views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author only.

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David B. Grinberg

Thanks, Andy. Yes, I’ve read the guides and they are excellent. I’ve printed them out and keep them handy as a reference tool.

As usual, the GovLoop staff deserves many accolades for its exemplary work. I encourage all GovLoop members and others to read the Twitter “Commandment” guides and related GovLoop information resources. GovLoop puts out so many useful guides and timely information resources, which is a valuable and awesome service to its membership and beyond.

Thanks again, Andy, for all that you and the GovLoop staff do — which is laudable and appreciated.