FMLA and the Public Sector

So, I just came back from a couple weeks of maternity leave. People think I’m crazy not to have taken the full 3 months off after having a baby. There’s also the misconception that I would be paid for all 3 months, not just for the leave time I have accrued. I’m not complaining though. My current employer has been very flexible with allowing me to work some time from home and certain hours in the office until my newest little one can begin regular childcare. I feel like at least with this child, I’m achieving better work-life balance. And it wasn’t even a discussion when I mentioned that I would need 2-10 minute breaks during the day (so I can pump). The response was “sure no problem”. I remember with my first child, I felt like I had to pretend like I didn’t even have a child when I came back to work (different state agency than the agency I’m with now). So for those of you that have taken FMLA leave, how has it been for you? Did you find flexibility where you needed it? What would you want someone to know that is about to take FMLA?

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