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Government and Performance Measures

Part of my current employment is to understand and appreciate the impact MAP 21 may have on transportation operations and especially how transportation operations relates to congestion (rather than capacity or toll). Pretty specific there. What’s not so specific is MAP 21. As a result, there is now a nationwide dialogue occurring about what theseRead… Read more »

Open Government and Taxes

Atlanta recently thumbs downed a proposal to increase taxes to fund much needed transportation improvements. Although the tax hike would have been 1% and would have in theory created an economic boom in the area, the residents responded resoundingly that they don’t trust their government and wont give the government any more money. So areRead… Read more »

FMLA and the Public Sector

So, I just came back from a couple weeks of maternity leave. People think I’m crazy not to have taken the full 3 months off after having a baby. There’s also the misconception that I would be paid for all 3 months, not just for the leave time I have accrued. I’m not complaining though.Read… Read more »