Focus on Quality Service Delivery

Customer Service in government is different from private industry, primarily because our customers are not always right. Many government services are enforcement or regulatory in nature. There are lots of rules to follow, and some of our customers may be in violation of those rules.

So how can we still provide great service? Focus on the quality of the service delivery.

“Great Service is Like A Three-Legged Bar Stool”

Picture a three legged bar stool. Your customer is sitting on top. What happens if one of the legs is wobbly or broken? That’s right. The customer falls off.

Falling customers are certainly not good service.

The first leg is how NICE you are. Do your customers see you as courteous and professional? Pleasant? With an upbeat can-do attitude?

The second leg is how SMART you are. Not “what did you get on your S.A.T.s?” smart, but “can you answer your customers’ questions” smart. Be attentive and focus on solving the problem.

The third leg is how FAST you are. Be prompt. Good service is fast service.

Apply these three facets of great customer service, and you’ll be a success every time.

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