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A One Million Dollar Value (just kidding): 20 Minute Module _FREE for you!

I’ve been busily working away creating training plans for lots of government clients. Government organizations are really interested in “bite-sized” trainings because they are unable to pull staff off the phones or counters for full-day traditional training. So I thought I’d share part of one of the new 20-Minute Refresher Modules with you. Please feelRead… Read more »

Tips for Effective Coaching

Ever wonder what the right way is to offer a praise statement, or wish for help coaching someone who needs to correct an unwanted behavior? Check out these quick tips in the Winter Issue of “The CSA Edge.” Tips for effective coaching “The CSA Edge” Winter Issue.

Are you making a great impression with your emails?

Are you making a great impression with emails? Emails are one of the top three, and sometimes in the top two, ways governments communicate with their clientele. Emails play a key role in creating a great customer experience and are pivotal in providing quick information that is technically accurate. Here are some easy things youRead… Read more »

How does external communication through customer service improve the reputation of the organization?

What is a reputation? It’s basically a preconceived expectation of behaviors based on previous direct experience and indirect assumptions. What is the reputation of your favorite restaurant, how about your doctor, or the last place you decided never to go back to? Every person you come into contact with every day is forming an impressionRead… Read more »

How do internal communications affect the ability of an organization to provide good service?

Picture great service as a three-legged bar stool. Your customer is sitting on top. What happens if one of the legs isn’t strong, or is flat out broken? That’s right, the customer falls off the stool and has a bad experience. Each of the elements represented by the bar stool can be given its ownRead… Read more »

Summer’s Here! Got Volunteers?

Of the organizations that have written expectations and standard operating procedures for contacting customers (which most don’t), the vast majority focus only on full-time permanent staff. This is a BIG hole in the impressions you make on your customers. Volunteers, part-time, and seasonal people represent your organization too. They form just as much of anRead… Read more »