Follow Your Heart


Point:  Some people wake up every day dreading the fact that they have to go work. Others stare at the clock anxious for their 8-hour work day to end and for Friday to arrive. They spend the weekend doing what they love; then, Monday comes again. If this sounds like you, you are probably not passionate about your 9-to-5 work.

Advice:  Ask a person who is happy about their job how they ended up choosing their career. A vast majority say, “I followed my heart.”

Many employees, who are mentally drained about the career they got stuck in, are in jobs they don’t want. They continue down this dead-end road because they lack the motivation, faith, and support to do what they should be doing- following their heart. Below are some tips to help you on the path to happiness.

  1. Step back– Take a mental day to get your positive attitude back. In order to move forward you have to have a clear head.
  2. Take notes– Write your passions down on paper. What careers opportunities within reach align with your current desires?
  3. Organize– Align your goals with action items. Outline the physical steps to you need to take to move your career in the right direction.
  4. Put your plan to action-Once you know what step you need to take, start making strides toward achieving that goal. Many of us create a career plan and never put it to action.

Challenge: Find out what it takes to change your career path, so you are moving closer to your passion. This week take a day to think about what makes you happy and what step you need to take to make money in a job you should be doing.

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