You’re busy. Things fall off your plate. Failure to follow up can and will hurt your career. So follow up!

Here’s a simple way to help you get and keep your follow ups under control. This system costs nothing to use (there is a small fee if you want advanced features), and it will keep you and your teams on top of what matters. There is even a privacy mode where the system only tracks subject lines for you. I use it myself and am happy with the results.

The system is called “FollowUpThen.” It’s a Web service that automatically keeps track of what and who you need to follow up with. Just copy the appropriate @followupthen email address into your CC or BCC line and get a reminder email exactly when you need it. It’s like having you’re own secretary shoot you an email to remind you of important events and project tasks.

Check out the short video I’ve embedded below. Try it out for free. Leave a comment telling me (and the rest of the GovLoop world) what you think of it.

See you out there!

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