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Foreclosure: Recovery


Do you know this lady? Oh, of course you do! She’s that kind little lady who lives next door, she’s the one who bakes cookies for the children in the neighborhood at Christmas or just whenever. She’s a grandmother and loving wife but her husband is gone now so she lives all alone and even her house is gone now with nothing left but her memories. She has no pictures or clippings or any of the remaining vestiges of a once great nation, it’s all been reduced to the rubble left behind and never to be recovered again.

This picture says it all for the current state of our nation and the ones who care. The only ones who could do something about it can’t, because of banks like Wells Fargo and FICO have destroyed that avenue too. The picture on this lady’s sorrow filled face tells of the loss of millions of Americans as they’re being thrown from their homes. The houses now only worth half what their paying because the upkeep is no longer affordable or age and health won’t permit. Fair Isaac’s indeed. When did it happen that those with no morals or ethics, not even compassion could sit in judgment over good people who care and could put an end to this loss from devastation! With homes that can’t be destroyed so easily and homes that are self-sufficient and self-supporting for a thousand years or more. Clean, healthy, and warm or cool, even the water, air, power and sewerage are pure. These are geo-spatial buildings designed from the equator to the poles whether small huts or hospitals, airports or factories. The technologies are there for the asking! This will empower countries like Japan & Chili so they can rebuild themselves thereby keeping the money at their homes because they need that as we do. In addition, they recycle the torn pieces to rebuild anew. Many years of research and a great deal of money have gone into these projects only to be shut down by the corruption, need, ignorance, and a lack of compassion. What are we leaving the children of 5 generations from now?

I have been trying for nearly two years now to ask our President, or yours perhaps, for the ARRA funding to help solve these very issues of destruction by storms and flood management systems along with rural education centers with health care centers and winter walking spaces and eco fuels plus 4 other proposals to drastically cut deficit dispositions. Only to be told that he doesn’t know me and if I want to write to him send it to Washington.gov. We all know where that mail slot goes. In the trash. This last incident though really takes the cake. Perhaps you can explain why Nigeria needs $180 million dollars for AIDS but hard working American’s are not worth $250 million that would have returned over $200 billion per year. Not to mention all of the new Technologies and products all courtesy of us from GOD.

Think about that as you rush in to put up stick & steel buildings to house all of these people in Joplin MO., which is my home state. The very next storm that comes through will do it again. However, with our new technologies the devastation would be about one fourth of what happened here and we make nothing off from. I can’t speak for the other Corporations involved, only for TBone Industries as all of our profits past solvency goes to the Earth Ranger Foundation, established for this very reason, the people and the planet and America. With the exception of those who want to whine about their rights. Ask that kind lady about her rights. Everyone seems to be forgetting about a more important issue and that’s Freedom, without it there would be no rights! Please remember that this Memorial Day and those who give to protect it and please help me to fight for the funds to help America be safe in their homes. We can make Joplin MO a New MODEL City along with New Orleans and whatever this summer has in store for us. We could begin by repairing the hospital in Joplin rapidly and with the least cost possible. I don’t believe this summer is just another party on the lakes summer. That’s why it’s so crucial that you contact me as soon as you can and not just ignore me as in the past or we will prepare those who want to be prepared because as I said our goal is not to line our pockets with gold, our Mission is purely to save lives? We would welcome the opportunity to present the entire proposal before Congress or a congressional delegation. Because our main problem right now is that everyone is talking but no one is listening and if you would listen for a change you might put an end to 80-90% of the issues you’re talking about. Thank You!

Extremely Sincere, Ray & Paula

TBone Industries, LLC – Tbone Technologies, Inc. (R&D)

Paula A. – Owner Ray A. – POC PH#: 507-451-9493

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