Four reasons not to stop your job search during the holidays

A lot of job seekers assume that the holidays stretching from Thanksgiving until after the New Year are a time to put their job search on hold. If you tell yourself no employers hire over the holidays, no employers interview during December, everyone is physically (or mentally) on vacation…stop! Sure the festive nature of the holidays means that less will get done, but take advantage of this slower time. We’ve heard many recruiters say they are trying to fill more positions this holiday season than usual, so here’s why continuing your job search through the holidays is a good idea:

1. A lot of job seekers take the month off so there is less competition out there. Keep your job search moving forward while others are slacking off for the holidays.

2. You’ve heard over and over again that you need to network to find a new job. Utilize those Christmas parties, lunches, happy hours and neighborhood get-togethers to your best advantage. Work — and expand — your contacts and renew personal connections. You never know who will produce your next job lead.

3. If you’re trying to set up networking interviews strike now. What for many folks may be a slower time of year may be your window of opportunity. Your target may be in a more charitable mood and more willing to meet with you too.

4. Take this time to renew and refresh your job search and supporting materials. Revisit your strategy, update your research and review your resume. Take a new look at what you’ve been doing and what you could do differently to achieve success. Send holiday cards to hiring managers or recruiters you may have recently met or interviewed with. This is the year to expand your holiday card list, if you still have one!

So while this may seem the time to pull back on your job search, we urge you to push forward while your competition isn’t paying attention. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!

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Peter Sperry

I responded to a listing on USAJOBS on Christmas Eve 2008 using the online process to up load my government resume and started work on February 17, 2009. I beleive I provide value to the agency but I am also convinced applying over the holidays reduced my competition for the position by orders of magnitude.

Amanda Parker

Wow, it is very reassuring to read this article. I had no idea that people might slow their job search during this time of year. As a current graduate student looking for a position when I graduate in May this time of year is when I can ramp up my job hunt since I’m in between semesters. I think using this time to set up networking interviews is a great idea that I will have to add to my ‘To-Do’ list. Thanks!