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You are managing a complex hardware design project. Deadlines are aggressive and the project team is stressed. You schedule a team meeting to motivate the team and to share some newly-approved design changes. During the meeting you realize that the attendees are either not paying attention to you or they do not seem to understand what you are trying to communicate. What is a potential reason?

A.) You are not focusing on Non-Verbal Communication.
B.) You are not focusing on Paralingual Communication.
C.) You are not focusing on Effective Listening.
D.) All of the above.

Hint: You are not communicating effectively.

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The correct answer is D
Explanation: Non-Verbal Communication involves body language and gestures. Paralingual Communication involves variation of tone and pitch. Effective Listening involves monitoring non-verbal and physical communication and providing feedback to indicate that whether the message has been clearly understood. All three are necessary elements of effective communication.
Reference: Head First PMP 2nd Edition, page 510

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